Blue Lightning
Aluminum Flexible Anode Rod
Residental with Hex Head


Do you use well water?

Do you use a water softener?

Do you go extended periods of time without using your hot water?

If you answered yes to any of these questions than the aluminum Anode Rod is definitely for you. Generally, magnesium is the best choice for residential water heaters but under the conditions above exceptions should be made.

The Aluminum Flexible Anode Rod has a length of 42 inches and the standard residential hex head size that should be compatible with a 1 1/16 deep socket. This aluminum model is not quite as flexible as the infamous Blue Lighting Magnesium Flexible Anode Rod but it still provides some flexibility so that you can bend the rod and shimmy it into tight spaces. As the picture illustrates above the aluminum that makes up the rod is carved out in two places almost down to the steel core so that the rod can be bent into place. The rod is still firmly straight but with a little muscle the rod can be bent. The steel core in the middle of the rod will prevent the rod from snapping so do not worry about breaking it when you bend it. This rod should provide at least two years of protection but you should always conduct annual inspections and flush your water tank on a yearly basis.