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The Origins of an Informative Water Heater Maintenance Site

The Origins of an Informative Water Heater Maintenance Site

ideasThe origin of this site was originally founded on a flight back to San Francisco from the corporate office in Phoenix after I (the webmaster) was asked to found a new website geared toward marketing a nifty little device called a Blue Lightning Magnesium Flexible anode rod. Sitting on the plane home racking my brain on where to begin I noticed the Skymall.commagazine and started thumbing through it. Of course, this may never be actually read on a plane because on most flights you are not “suppose” to browse the internet in transit. The creative juices got flowing and I pulled out some scratch paper to begin my hard copy/rough draft on the latest and greatest informative blog for the globalized business person that I would like to appeal too. I hope you find some information on this blog that you can benefit from.

Safe Travels and Preventative Maintenance

Safe Travels and Preventative Maintenance

travelSafe Travels and Preventative Maintenance for Being Away From Home In the unlikely case that you are sitting on a plane browsing the web this little snippet of information is specifically for you! You are either embarking on a journey away from home or you are looking forward to going back to your cozy home. The first thing most people want after a long day of travel, aside from seeing whoever is on the other end of the flight, is a warm shower and a comfortable bed. The last thing you want is a busted water heater and a flooded home!

03-So How Often Does This Happen?

So How Often Does This Happen?

According to, water heater losses are one of the top five causes of residential water loss. A recent study indicated that out of 700 water tank failures, almost 70% resulted from the interior of a water heater corroding from the inside out due solely to the property owner’s negligence!

04-What They Don’t Tell You

What They Don’t Tell You

When you buy a new water heater from a water heater vendor you are looking at an initial investment of anywhere between $500-$2000+ . Normally the factors that lead to higher priced units are directly related to the size of the tank, the size of the heating element, and most importantly the warranty!

05-Aluminum and Its Effects On Your Environment

Aluminum and Its Effects On Your Environment

Again, aluminum is very abundant and anything that lives tod ay has to learn to adapt to its presence or die. So how does this effect vegetation? Aluminum is known to increase the acidity levels in soil and stunt the growth of most living things, plants and animals alike. Its growing presence in our water supply is evaporated and eventually dumped back down on us as acid rain. Acid rain literally eats away the very fabrics that make up our building structures and manmade toys. Acid rain also poisons plants and the environment ultimately having the snowball effect of coming back to each of us by effecting our future generations.

06-What is This Anode Rod?

What is This Anode Rod?

Any time you mix water and the majority of metallic materials in the world corrosion becomes inevitable… Almost!! The trick to preventing this is to install something in the tank that conducts the ions through a process called electrolysis. It is essentially the same concept batteries use to produce direct current electricity. This long slender rod corrodes before the steel interior of the water heater because the material it is made from is more corrosive. This extends the life of your water heater by preventing interior damage to the tank. In some cases a water heater manufacturer may go as far as installing multiple anode rods in the water heater tank to slow the corrosive process even more.

07-Get Your Money’s Worth!

Get Your Money’s Worth!

The water heater vendors of most water heaters do not offer this information regularly because they want to profit off you replacing your appliances every 2 – 10 years. If you like handling your appliances by replacing them rather than conducting a little preventative maintenance instead that’s up to you. More than likely you would rather spend that cash on your mortgage or a vacation though. All it takes is an annual inspection, a couple hours a year, to in some cases double or triple the life span of your water heater. Even more importantly, you don’t have to worry about coming home to a cold shower and a damaged water heater.

08-What Are My Options?

What Are My Options?

Blue Lightning Flexible Anode RodBlue Lightning Flexible Anode Rod LOTS!! But we highly recommend our Blue Lightning Magnesium Flexible Anode Rod. This innovative anode rod comes in a four segmented flexible design that can be easily maneuvered, twisted, and installed in the tightest enclosed area. To make it even better we use a highly effective combination of alloys with 96% being Magnesium.

Other Anode Rods


09-Out With The Old Aluminum!

Out With The Old Aluminum!

Traditionally aluminum rods were used…. They are effective, especially in hard water, but as they break down they create debris that piles up at the bottom of your tank causing a sludgy sediment to build up. If left unattended this sediment can harden and result in difficulties draining the water heater tank. It can also pollute your water with harmful aluminum by-products that have been scientifically proven to increase high blood pressure, memory disorders, and calcium deficiencies in bones. High quantities of aluminum consumption are also believed to be directly related to Alzheimer’s disease. When the time comes to replace your anode rod it is in your best interest to replace it with one of our magnesium rods. a Blue Lightning Magnesium Flexible Anode Rod with a Drainage kit may be the best choice for those of you who are serious about getting the most out your water heater.

10-Why use a Blue Lightning Magnesium Flexible Anode Rod with a Drainage kit?

Why use a Blue Lightning Magnesium Flexible Anode Rod with a Drainage kit?

As mentioned before, that old aluminum sludge can harden and cause negative side effects to your health by polluting your water supply. The drainage kit comes with a Full Port Brass Valve which provides a 3/4 inch connection compatible with your average garden hose to provide you with the convenience of being able to easily screw a water hose to the tank and gain control of where all that old nasty water is going. The hole for the valve is also wide enough so you can use a long narrow object like a screw driver to break up any solidified sediment that may be causing blockage. When you are done draining the Full Port Brass Valve comes with an attached screw on cap so you can easily cap the end to avoid any residual leakage.

11-Magnesium is the Building Block of Life

Magnesium is the Building Block of Life

The Blue Lightning Magnesium Flexible Anode Rod dissolves inside of your tank rather than causing nasty build up. The Magnesium that dissolves into your water supply is then either absorbed through your skin when taking a shower or consumed by you in small amount from what residual leftovers make it into your cold drinking water. Magnesium is one of the most abundant natural elements on earth. Every drop of water already contains Magnesium in large quantities. Plants use Magnesium for photosynthesis. This in return, makes plant’s thrive cleansing the air as they absorb the carbon dioxide in the air and cools the planet. Every drop of water that comes out of your faucet that you do not use goes right back down the drain and back into the water system after you use it. Why not passively put something back into the environment that can benefit you and you local ecosystem. Magnesium is also key in DNA replication, lowering anxiety, and strengthens bones in every species on earth except for insects. In other words this product not only keeps your water heater healthy but helps you live a better life while passively enriching the world around you.

12-Think it Over!

Think it Over!

Hopefully this has given you something to wrap your head around on your journey. I hope you found something in this article that you find interesting and could potentially find worthy of investing in. It’s the little things in life that make the biggest differences. Like having the assurance that you do not have to worry about a leaky water heater or a polluted water source when you return home weary from a long trip. It also gives you peace of mind when you embark on a new adventure leaving your valuable possessions at home. Think it over and put a little time once a year into protecting your water heater. Let us provide you with the support to do this.